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Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Yesterday I saw a sign for a village containing a church I had on my list so today....

781 St Michael Hallaton

It had rained overnight but it showed signs of brightening up. Very close to where I am staying is Barndale. Barndale is the garden created by Geoff Hamilton who for years was the presenter of gardeners world.

Then to Rockingham Castle, I had a rather nice Carrot and Corriander soup ....

the castle contains the usual Lely and Reynolds paintings and a Constable as a nice bonus.

and so for my afternoon tea and a slice of Raspberry and Buttercream sponge cake.

The church of Rockingham is not in my book but it was right next to the castle so....

I'm moving on tomorrow and had a good few days. The pub, the White Horse Empingham has been good.

I haven't been to Rutland Water but I've done lots that I wanted to do. My one regret is I haven't shown you the many lovely villages. It has the air of the Cotswolds without the tourist tat, curiously I'm off to the Cotswolds tomorrow.

I will be back here though within the next few years and I'll show you the villages.

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