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Friday, July 09, 2010

You'll never guess.

I'm off again!! Yes I know I've just come back!! The previous trip was planned for two weeks earlier but things came up at work so I pushed it back.

I'm off to East Yorkshire for a few days. I'll get to Bempton Cliffs and see if there are any Puffins.

I also want to get to Castle Howard (pics allowed in doors), Scampston Hall, Sledmere and Burton Agnes. That should be enough for the four days! Not sure about churches a few I need but I think they may be locked and I really couldn't be bothered to negotiate entry.

With the exception of Bempton all the places will be new to this blog. I've not been to Scampston and the other places were years and years ago.

When I come back the next one will be in a month! The beauty of short breaks!


Ragged Robin said...

Have a great holiday, Pete. Looking forward to reading all about it and seeing the photos.

Tricia said...

Given the weather that week, bet you're glad you had to delay ;) Have fun......