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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Liver and Kidneys

I don't know if I've mentioned it before but....

In November I went to get my regular prescription renewed.

Nurse - Ah Mr Q of Life you've not had a blood test for years and at YOUR AGE we like to do it. Can you make an appointment.....

Me thinking - Oh GOD do I have to? really I'm fine

but of course I did.

I then got THE LETTER to make an appointment with my doctor. I don't actually have a doctor you see someone different everytime. Still I made an appointment.

Apparently my Liver Function test was very high.

The Doc - how much do you drink?
Me - uhm a bottle of wine a month probably. When I go on holiday it might be a pint or two a night but I never go over the recommended limit.

The Doc - well have another test in 3 months. And don't drink.

Well I can live without drinking so I did. Had the test and got the letter! This time I had a phone appointment. It was still very high but had gone down a lit so keep up the good work and have another test in 3 months.

So no alcohol. I could have murdered a pint of bitter or bitter shandy one day in the new forest but good little boy that I was I didn't. I had the next test and got the letter! And I had another phone appointment.

She was puzzled it hadn't gone down, I assured that alcohol had not touched my lips. So she made me an appointment with the ultra sound. She told me my liver seemed to be working fine doing what it should but she wanted to know why it was working so hard. All sarky comments that some part of me has to is expected.

So yesterday at 14:35 I was laying on a table with my shirt up and someone running a glorified mouse with gel on it over me. Oh no it wasn't one of the attractive young ladies walking around the place I got a bloke.

Doc lay on your back.
Lay on your left.
lay on your back
lay on your right - do you get pains their? My blood pressure may have gone at this point!
Lay on your - well you get the drill

So apparently I have a cyst on my kidney but that's nothing to worry about, I have a fatty liver but not abnormally (translation - lose weight) this can confuse the test a bit, and he then showed me my gall bladder. Apparently I had either some grit or other debris in it or some small gall stones. That to might be confusing the test. But he couldn't find anything significant and he would send a report to my GP.

So I await the latest installment of what my doc wants to do with me. I imagine alcohol will still be off the menu.

And before anyone asks no this hasn't been praying on my mind. I hate going there because of the memories around Mum. Hey ho


The Wessex Reiver said...

Sometimes staying away is better than going..... every time I go (about once evert 10 years) it takes 2 hours just to answer the questions about diet/health etc.

Seriously though I hope the results of the test aren't too grim... after all how can a blog be written without a glass of the hard stuff to lubricate the mind ;-)

Regards, Andrew (new blog old name)

Cindy said...

Bless you ...I know what you mean, about doctors and hospitals. It is good news though that the scan didn't show anything significant ... probably just a blip caused by them stones.

Anonymous said...

Please change your diet. I would really miss seeing your beautiful vision of your country. I think Dean Ornish has some good ideas. From what youve written, you do seem to consume a full fat diet.


Ragged Robin said...

I'm so glad that they couldn't find anything significantly wrong, Pete. Hopefully, your doctor will be in touch soon and allow you the odd drink. Its awful having to visit places like hospitals when there are upsetting memories attached.

These days I stay well away from the doctors unless I really have to go as they always seem to think of a test you haven't had for ages or one you haven't had before!

Anonymous said...

Take more exercise and lose some weight Pete. It will only take 20 minutes a day to make yourself sweat and out of breath and i bet your liver function will soon be back to normal. My LFT was extremely high when i was first diagnosed with diabetes. I gave up the drink too, but it wasn't until i'd lost weight that the LFT became normal.
I'm glad that i have a 6 monthly check up at the Docs. It's like i'm on BUPA :-) and any problems can be diagnosed early.
No brainer really!


Pete said...

i've started eating lots of grapes :D

Janine said...

Pete, sorry to hear of your woes at the doctor. I too am a believer in, "stay away" as much as possible. If you were in the US they would prescribe about a hundred medications and have you coming back for tests every two weeks... and they wonder why our health care system is so screwed up? :)
Hope it gets sorted out soon!

avalon said...

Sorry just caught up with blog!!
Pleased they are happy that it is not to serious, sure you will be fine! i will just have to make you low fat yummy food when i come up next time, or set you out a diet sheet:D LOL

avalon said...

P.S. know what you mean about mums memories too x