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Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Black Redstart

The BBC are reporting that Black Redstart have four chicks at a secret location in Birmingham. I didn't realise just how few breeding pairs there are in England and Wales (20-70).

I know they like abandoned buildings and if memory serves did well in the aftermath of world war II.

There are (or were) some birds at Rainham Marshes underneath the bridge and some are at Sizewell near minsmere. Nicely guarded those are!


Ragged Robin said...

Good news about the breeding Black Redstarts in Birmingham. I know they used to breed in the city centre and its great to discover a pair have bred this year. I attended a "local twitch" in February 2009 when a first winter male spent several weeks at an industrial site near Coleshill, Warks, and provided great views. From memory a female turned up a few weeks later and I often wondered if they bred in the area.

Tricia said...

Good news indeed. Hopefully the numbers may have a chance of growing now... Fingers crossed!