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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Saturday - Batemans

always believe what your father tells you!
dad - i'm sure i sure something about an internet connection.
me - loloololol

next morning

dad - what's this about a wifi key?
me - embarrased look

We set off reasonably late for us which means about 7:40!!

easy drive down, found where were staying and then had a few hours at Bateman's the home of Rudyard Kipling which is a mile down the road.


oldcrow61 said...

That tree/hedge sculpture is a riot. Someone with quite a sense of humor no doubt. I love that house. Rudyard Kiplings. A bit too big for the box though. Don't want to push my luck, lol. Beautiful floral arrangements inside. I was surprised to see a statue of Ganesh and the other Hindu God. I have a couple of Ganesh myself. Looks like this is going to be another great holiday that you are taking us on.

avalon said...

Glad dad got it right, you should listen to him more often LOL
Looks a beautiful place and agreee with OC the tree sculpture is great. Weather good again for you!!

Tricia said...

You can almost imagine living at Batesman's - it seems such a welcoming house and the gardens are looking wonderful. And as for the tree "sculpture" - what a cheery thing to see!

Seems the time for bee orchids too :D