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Thursday, June 10, 2010

A reminder of a bygone era

It is fair to say that in the year 2010 we no longer respect our institutions. The reverence that bygone generations showed to the Monarchy, Parliament and that old fashioned term "our betters" has long gone.

Today we believe that they are all on the take (happily forgetting that they pay the window cleaner etc cash to avoid VAT etc) and that the Queen is alright but get rid of the hangers on.

I was sitting in the car waiting for the office to open at 7 (I could have walked around to the back but.....) I was listening to radio 4 when the announcer said "today is the Duke of Edingburgh's birthday" (Prince Phillip the Queen's husband for those from overseas) and then the National Anthem started playing.

I sat there thinking you what? I suppose those older than I remember the National Anthem playing at the close of each evening's TV and Radio (cor the days before 24 hours media!!) but I was quite surprised I thought I ought to look round to see if Captain Mainwaring was saluting !

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