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Monday, June 14, 2010

The CCT's Midsummer Tea Party

The churches conservation trust(CCT) looks after 340 churches in England. These are churches that are of exceptional historic, architectural or archaeological significance but which are no longer required by the Church of England. There are some lovely churches in it care, these include

Hales in Norfolk.
St Mary's, Shrewsbury.
Christ the Consoler at Newby in Yorkshire

to name but 3. The later is a twin to the famous church at Studley Royal and in the grounds of the excellent Newby Hall.

CCT churches are usually open or have a keyholder nearby. The website is superb for folk like me.

I note that they are holding there first ever Midsummer Tea Party between 18th-20th June. During the weekend, they are intending to open as many of their churches as possible, and to provide tea and cakes and ask visitors to make a donation for the refreshments they enjoy.

Anyone who likes old churches could do worse than checking out the website and having a nose round if any are nearby.


Ragged Robin said...

Thanks for this information, Pete. Sounds like a great idea. Having visited two local churches in the last week in the hope of taking photos inside the church only to find them locked, it would be a relief to find one open!!

Pete said...

I think you'll find more open at the weekend.

it is a tadge frustrating the old locked door. it varies alot by area as well.