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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Touring the island

I was told that Godshill was packed at lunchtime yesterday so I headed there early. I knew none of the touristy places would be open at 8:45 BUT my photos would have no people in them!

771 All Saints, Godshill

The Lily Crucifx. The only wall paining of one in England i think.

OC would approve of the carvings at the bottom of the chaps feet.

William Morris glass

The eyes on this appear open or shut dependent on where you stand.

772 St Mary, Carisbrooke

Queen Anne hatchment

Unusual tomb

Just up the road was Carisbrooke Castle.

King Charles I who was held prisoner here before his execution.

The highlight for me were the donkey's, they've been at Carisbrooke since at least the 17th century and were employed to raise water from the well. There are five today, four who give demos (Joseph/Joe is 25 and has retired). Demos are done on the hour and last only a few minutes, the donkey's are only trained to raise the bucket, human's have to go into the wheel to lower it!

Today's donkey was Jigsaw who dutifully posed.

Apparently it can take a donkey 25-30 seconds to lift the bucket but if they are feeling energetic can do it in 10. Jigsaw was a donkey with energy. No pics of him in action as there was no flash and i couldn't get a shutter speed to freeze him!

After his work was done he came out of the wheel to pose !! Well cute

A friend relaxing!

Winkle Street Chalbourne.

I was thinking OC here!

All Saints, Chalbourne

I headed off to Freshwater Bay for lunch and sightseeing but saw this church of about 1904 ish and thought it was a pic.

St Agnes, Freshwater Bay

I walked to the cliff and then sat for several hours here.

Highlight was watching a Herring Gull chase off a peregrine, nice view in the bins!


Jackdaw - I'm quite pleased with this one.

Herring Gull

This Mallard had the same idea as me!


Tricia said...

Wow - another packed post Pete and so much to comment on. The wooden carvings are lovely; something about wooden carvings!!

But Freshwater Bay takes the biscuit; I've visited there and it's great to have some pictures of it. So unusual the thatched church.

And as for the wildlife at the end! Beautiful flutter - wonder what it is. The jackdaw I presume is on an invisible string - great pic Pete!

Ragged Robin said...

Sounds like you had a great day, Pete. Glad you missed the hordes at Godshill - have never seen it so quiet! Lovely pictures inside the church - when we went it was on a Sunday and there was a service taking place and we couldn't get inside. The donkeys at Carisbrooke are really cute. Great views of Freshwater Bay and I am really envious of the peregrine sighting.

Anonymous said...

That's gotta be the prettiest place yet. Where do the people live there I wonder?


Pete said...

Turquis people live in the thatched buildings there are houses in larger towns which i am not showing!

RR - ta for all the info. I was well chuffed with the Peregrine it was possibly the closest I've been to a wild one.

oldcrow61 said...

If I ever make it over there, I want you to take me to Godshill, hordes or no hordes. What a lovely spot. The whole island is marvelous. Yes, yes to the little chaps, all the carvings and that very happy face sitting on the stone/brick piece. Wonderful, wonderful!!!

avalon said...

Agree with oc: the happy face on the rock very, gives the happy factor, and the donkeys Awe soft spot for animals brought a smile to my face. Looks like you had a lovely time there.