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Monday, May 17, 2010

Going over the water

So I was packing the car at 7:55 and was prompt into breaky at 8. I arrived at the ferry terminal at 9:15 which was fine but my ferry was scheduled to leave at 11:25 and arrival was between 10:25 and 10:55. I enquired if there was any chance of an earlier ferry and i was told to go to lane 5, I got on the 10:05.

After a mammoth trip (about 40 mins) I was at Yarmouth. So...

766 St James, Yarmouth

The statue was of Louis XIV it was being taken to France when the British intercepted the ship. The statue was headless (the sculptor was going to add the head in Paris) and it was reused as a monument for a local dignatory.

767 St Michael, Shalfleet

It was getting towards lunchtime and my Isle of Wight source (that's you Caroline!) had advised me that the National Trust Garden at Mottistone was small and pretty with a good cafe. So.....

I might add the cafe was good, I had a lovely homemade tomato soup, it is just a shed with outdoor seating none of your pretentiousness as at some Trust properties.

A few OC moments....

I revisited the cafe for a cuppa and a rather nice beetroot and brazil nut cake.

And on to my hotel with a quick look in at

768 St Michael, Shorwell.

And tomorrow brings my first full day on the island. It certainly looks attractive on my ride from Yarmouth to Bonchurch.


oldcrow61 said...

I must say, you are really getting around. Very nice ferry! I thought you'd be too exhausted after that terribly long trip and would just be too tired to take photos. Obviously I was wrong, lol. The National Trust cafe looks like a lovely spot to have a meal. And, I must say you do treat yourself very well when it comes to food, lol. What lovely pictures. The flowers are gorgeous. I could weep looking at them as there is nothing in bloom here yet. Those flower pot scarecrows are just the cutest! I don't suppose you can get that stone house in the package?? Looking forward to tomorrows pictures.

Tricia said...

Just love the flowerpot man and the blue flutter's lovely. What a great mixture of subjects.

Some wonderful scenes and that blue sky!! Sure you weren't crossing the Mediterranean?

Ragged Robin said...

Glad you found Mottistone, Pete and it certainly sounds as though you enjoyed the food in the cafe! Great photos by the way.