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Sunday, May 09, 2010

First damselfly of the year

It would have been easy to just wander home from Dads and read but I headed off to Rye Meads.

For a while I thought I be photoless as the birds were being awkward and the light was awful.

Swifts overhead but no Terns. It seems like the Black headed Gulls have taken over a terrible shame as there were about 20 pairs last year. I did see a Great Grest Grebe (not common at Rye Meads) and my first Goslings.

This goose is sitting opposite the Kingfisher bank. I got a brief glimpse of eggs.

This coot was swimming along the river.

First damselfly of the year!




holdingmoments said...

That is an early Damsel Pete.
No sign of any here yet.

Tricia said...

Wonderful feather detail on the Dunnock and amazing to see a damsel already :D Still waiting to see one for this year..

oldcrow61 said...

Lucky you to have seen a damsel fly. Great shots.

Pete said...

my first damsel last year was mid April!!