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Friday, May 21, 2010

back on the mainland

The car was packed about 7:55 and I walked for breakfast prompt at 8 and by about 9:15 I was asking if there was any chance of an early ferry (mine was the 11:15). I have to say the Wightlink staff are very obliging and I was told no problem go to the end of lane 3. There seemed to be a lot going on so I thought I had no chance but I was on a ferry about 9:50.

After disembarking (!) I heading to Hatchlands Ponds

I was looking for dragonflies and damsels. I saw a large red and dlue tailed damsel and there was a chaser but I was unable to get a picture. Not sure what the chaser was, it was flitting about and I couldn't get a fix.

Still got the duck chicks and the foal above.

Off to Burley for lunch.

As I was eating my lunch this pair wandered into view.

I then headed to Eyeworth pond CONVINCED there would be dragons. This little chap was seen on the way.

Were there dragons? were there heck!!


Ragged Robin said...

I like the photos of the yachts at Yarmouth harbour, Pete. Hope you enjoyed the Isle of Wight. Lovely pictures of the New Forest - the ponies are very cute. Hope you manage to see some "dragons" tomorrow.

Tricia said...

Sounds like another lovely day in terms of both venues and weather.

The ponies are as lovely as ever (as are the pictures) but the one that really catches my eye is the final one of water and woods - beautiful!

Eagleseagles said...

HinPete -have only been able to lurk now and again but your photos are getting better and better- remember I have a brill photographer when I can persude aout to shoot!

hey what about thi for education..she went to Bognor for a long w/e as her auntie had the call (over 85) - family w/ should se the bird pics - Peregrines at the cathedral...they were all swept off their feets by these!

avalon said...

How cute was that little foal , wonderful! Glad you are back in blighty LOL

oldcrow61 said...

You can put Burley and The Coven of Witches on the list of places to take me, lol. How wonderful! The ponies are adorable and that goat, well, I'd have him in a heartbeat. What a wonderful holiday you've had and the weather held good. Will wait patiently for your next holiday.