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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Amongst the ruins....

A quieter day today.

I ended up first at Appledurcombe House. It was once the finest house on the island but when it became a school in the 1850's it went into disrepair.

There were quite a few birds about including great spots but then i spied something on the grounds, he scampered up a tree and then stopped.

You beauty!!

I sat to read and this Mistle Thrush hopped into view.

I went for lunch (herein lies a rant for a blog post next week!) and ended up at the car park under St Catherine's Oratory. I didn't walk to the "pepperpot" as it's known but along the coastal path.

Rabbits have taken to the cliff top life.

Normally these just fly off, this one flew up perched for me THEN flew off. More of this behavior would be appreciated! Meadow Pipit

I also saw a Buzzard and Fulmar.

When I got to the car I had an ice crea read some more then headed back.

Tomorrow I head back to the mainland.


Tricia said...

It's so sad when beautiful buildings are left to go to rack and ruin! Such a waste!!

Looks a lovely spot to relax in with rabbits, Meadow Pipits and wonderful views! And an ice cream!!!! Bon Voyage!

Ragged Robin said...

Another set of great photos, Pete and you did really well to see one of the elusive red squirrels let along take such great photos. What a cute animal! Love the photos along the coast path of St Catherine's Oratory and lighthouse, flowers and birds. You have crammed so much into 3 and a bit days.

Pete said...

rr - thanks for your advice much appreciated.

i was a tadge chuffed about the squirrel

Anonymous said...

The red squirrel really is super gorgeous. and that building looks like a rocket ship.

avalon said...

Wow wonderfull pics , loved the red squirell what a priviledge! Coastal views quite cornish looking in places.

oldcrow61 said...

That's a beautiful building Pete. The coastal scenery could have been taken here. Great shots. You must be thrilled that you got pictures of the red squirrel.

Janine said...

Squirrel nutkin! Would love to see one of these some day. Great capture.