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Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Wildlife Story

A few stories about the impact of the weather on wildlife.

The intense cold in Scotland has mean BILLIONS of midges have died. It is believed that the coming summer may be one of the best, midge-quiet Scottish summers on record.

Equally the RSPB Scotland said there have been few sightings of Wrens, Stonechat and Goldcrests since winter started.

This isn't a weather story but....

Naturalists at a Somerset Nature Reserve have decided to protect the caterpillars of Orange Tipped Butterflies to stop Blue Tits taking them for food.

I'm not sure I approve of this. Surely we should let nature take its course. I might have understood if the butterfly is rare.


Tricia said...

Having been in Scotland with the midges I'm not disappointed to hear they're missing! the cold weather has a lot to answer for...

And I disagree with the actions of naturalists - it's called the food chain for good reason! Wonder why they want to preserve this particular butterfly.

Attila The Mom said...

I was going to say, "it's not politically correct to use the term midgets", but then again, you were talking about "midges".

Considering you throw the word "tits" around willy-nilly, I might have known you were talking about birds.

You birdies are weird. LOL Just kidding. ;-)

Pete said...

well Attila there is a childish pleasure in saying

"saw some tits and had a shag"

all being types of birds :D

Tits are the same family as your chickadees - which always makes me think of WC Fields