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Saturday, March 20, 2010

OI Where did the sun go?

Monday ? Bright sun!
Tuesday ? Bright sun!
Wednesday ? Bright sun!
Thursday ? Bright sun!
Friday? Started out sunny and then it clouded over and the rain came.
Today? Grey and wet!

Anyway I headed over the forest this morning.

Lots of long tailed tits and birds singing. Still a few redwings about.

As I walked around the lake a Robin and Blackbird were in full verse and then I did a double take. "CHIFF CHAFF CHIFF CHAFF" and then again "CHIFF CHAFF CHIFF CHAFF" not the most attractive song but the harbringer of spring!

There were 6 Grebes on the lakes and two were doing their dance!

The weather was wretched so I headed to Wimpole Hall. I knew the car park would be packed as there would be people here to see the newly hatched.....

The light was awful and with no flash pictures indoors are not good but OC wouldn't forgive me for not posting.


Anonymous said...

Not flash didn't cause these images to suffer. Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

The 15th one from the end is really provocative. What can it be? Its a staircase leading to a hole. What can that be?

Pete said...

tut tut anony. its a small dome to add light for the staircase

oldcrow61 said...

Oh my, oh my, I want to live in that "house". And that bed!! Takes my breath away. I'm terribly jealous of the fantastic stuff you get to see.

avalon said...

Wimpole looks beautiful, very impressive, loved the decorative clock, i've always wanted to own one !! The baby lambs are sooo cute too . Great pics as always

Anonymous said...

I see you've been nailing down the LTTs again!!

Tricia said...

Great to see the inside of Wimpole - not somewhere I know at all - looks beautiful and those ceilings!!.

Be interesting to see what the individual house manager's permit regarding pictures in the houses.

And lucky you to get the LTT especially in not very good light!

Janine said...

Great LTT shots. Love the little lambs.