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Wednesday, March 31, 2010


There is a movement to introduce double summertime. The clocks wouldn't go back in the autumn but would go on in the spring.

The advantages are that there would be longer evenings and apparently this will mean less road deaths.

I'm not sure how the later happens because we'll have darker mornings. For instance after the clocks went back this weekend my early get up at around half five means I am back to using the lights when I go to work. I like light mornings it means at the weekend I can get out and do stuff whilst everyone else is lying in bed.

Its a latish Easter this year and I had high hopes of goodish weather. As it is the temperatures are more like late February, rain is forecast and there are blizzards in Scotland!!

Still some good telly on at Easter. The new Doctor Who and a Jonathan Creek special.


Tricia said...

I'm not sure that this will have any beneficial effect. It seems (from what I've heard) that road deaths due to darkness are more likely at the end, rather than the beginning, of the day..

I understand that they did this during WW2 in order to give farmers more light in the evening to tend to their farms.

I agree about the light mornings.. best part of the day for me :)

Jan said...

I'm afraid I'm with the lighter evenings brigade. I don't need it to be light at 4 am in the summer I'm afraid. But I hate hate hate it being dark at teatime in the autumn and winter. I wish we could compromise and if we do have to put the clocks back to GMT then make it in December, not the end of October. I loathe that time of the year.