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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

A fool and his money.....

There is a recession on. Well you wouldn't necessarily know it walking around Selfridges yesterday.

Apparently Selfridges sell Hams for £1,800 and Beef Sandwiches for £86. And there was a waiting list for both!!!!! The Beef was Kobe Beef apparently so that's alright then !!!

When you wander into Selfridges you are greeted by the perfume counter and its smells. The ladies are well groomed and many rather easy on the eye. Must be a pre-requisite I imagine.

I wandered down to look at the Cameras and noticed a lens that retails for £1169 at Warehouseexpress was going for £1500, another that I know cost £4600 was going for about £5500. I have to wonder what the Selfridges service experience must be like! Its going to have to special to be worth a £1000. The same lens at the excellent Grays of Westminster was £4669 (I checked).

I mean honestly I don't care how much money you have why just give it away? Do the girls from perfumes wander down and serve you and mop your fevered brow and feed you your £86 Kobe Beef sandwich? They'd be picking me off the floor in shock!

I don't begrude people earning mega bucks but why pay £1000 more for something when you can have it delivered directly to your desk for a measly £7.50?


Attila The Mom said...

Ok, you probably don't want to post this, but I was thinking that for the price, maybe they're throwing in a blow job for that extra special customer service experience. ;-)

avalon said...

You did make me laugh with the comment about the ladies mopping your fevered brow while you eat your £86 sandwich. Hillarious!!!
Do agree about wasting money though, still people are stupid enough to buy them then the demand must be there.
I take it you didn't buy a sandwich then? LOL

Tricia said...

I cannot for the life of me, think what goes into a ham to cost £1,800!!!!

Pete said...

no i never bought a sandwich!

although Atila's suggestion would have made it more tempting!