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Monday, March 08, 2010

Butterflies in trouble

I read today that conservationists are considering reintroducing the Lynx into Kent. My first reaction was are you kidding?

This reaction was reinforced when I read that that five of Britain's rarest butterflies face a growing risk of extinction.

For instance the Duke of Burgundy is now at its lowest level since monitoring began. The butterfly was once a common sight in woodland clearings and now there are less than 80 colonies throughout the UK.

Other rare species suffering include the High Brown Fritillary (less than 50 colonies) and the Wood White and the Lulworth Skipper are both down to under 100 colonies. The Pearl-bordered Fritillary, had its second worst year in 2009.

The massive influx of Painted Ladies last summer made it look like butterflies were doing well. Although some common species including the Green-veined White, Ringlet and Speckled Wood did ok.

Personally if we have money to spend why are we reintroducing Lynx ? In my humble opinion we should be looking after what we have rather than spending money on glamorous reintroductions.

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ShySongbird said...

Great Robin shots on the previous posts Pete and good to see the Muntjac too.

I hadn't heard about the Lynx and not sure what to think about that but I saw the butterfly report and found it very worrying and I think you are right that it would be better to put resources into conservation. It is heartening though that the Small Tortoiseshell did better last year.