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Saturday, February 27, 2010

out with visitors

I have guests!! So why is it the weather flipping foul yesterday!! Drizzly rain, grey clouds and wind.

Still we went to Lynford Arboretum (with a detour via Walker's snack bar). Considerably fewer birds about than on Saturday (when the weather was good) but we saw 7 Hawfinch.

The girls stare intently.

So onto Anglessey Abbey a light lunch and a stroll around the garden.

As I was taking the above Diane said look down.....

Had a lovely meal last night! Trish had Scallops and Sea Bass, Di had Goats Cheese and Vennison and I had Scallops and Rabbit. We all had the cheese board.


holdingmoments said...

Those flowers are a welcome sight Pete. Spring!
And aren't Robins such stars. Little beauties.

Yoke, said...

Looks like you all had a very good day, Pete.

Love the pictures of the garden and the Robin.
Scallops; my favourite too.

No pictures of te Abbey, Pete? Or were the girls claiming your attention again?

ShySongbird said...

The weather might not have been good but you certainly got some lovely, colourful and cheerful photos. Great to see so many Spring flowers, I particularly like the Winter Aconites. The Robin photos are lovely too.

The Goat's Cheese and Venison for me please and definitely the cheese board :)

Pete said...

thanks all.

yoke loads of pics on the blog so I gave it a break. Trish will post some tomorrow

oldcrow61 said...

I can't believe all those flowers are in bloom. I'm envious. The little robin is adorable. I love the wood that looks like it's tied in a knot. Great shots.

Janine said...

Was enjoying the pics as always and then had to lol when the picture of lunch came up. What a sweet little robin.

Anonymous said...

Some nice images. I like the fact that you have captured me scrunching my face up!!

I will try and get my images posted later today.

Thanks again for a great couple of days.