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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Invasive plants

I've read a number of reports about Gardener's being urged to stop the spread of invasive plants.

For example in Scotland Environment Minister Roseanna Cunningham launched a campaign urging the public to be responsible gardeners by keeping their ponds under control and ensuring invasive plants do not escape to the wild and to dispose of unwanted plants carefully.

What puzzles me is we are banned from bringing alien fauna into the UK but gardeners are still looking for new plant species to bring in. In ten years will there be a new campaign complaining about invasive species that have been brought into replace the ones we are now getting rid of?

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Yoke, said...

Here I photographed several dumped gardenplants along my botany road, last year. It is a narrow road, full with lovely plants Ragged Robin, Bluebell, and many others of my favourites.
Do people not think, or do they simply not care?

And why do magazines like Gardeners world not take a look at this? aren't they partly responsible by advertising/giving away new and exotic species?

Why do more people garden with the many beautiful native plants?