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Saturday, January 02, 2010

so a new year...

As you can imagine like a good little birder I hopped out of bed new years day and went out to start my year list.... yeah right it was flipping freezing! I pulled up the duvet and read!!! I did go and make a cup of tea and looked out of the window to see a Redwing sitting in the tree in the front garden!

After breakfast I went for a stroll. I came across a flock of tits and amongst them... a pair of Siskin!!! I was really pleased with that!

Dad I then went for a ride and stopped at Thaxted.

The Queen of Essex!

Even the new houses are painted!!

It tried to snow on the way back but amounted to nothing. I did see a Bullfinch and a Green Woody!

This morning I left dad's and eventually headed to the forest again. Still incredibly frosty but the lake had a few more holes!!

The ducks were skating!

This chap was absent earlier in the week.

Also a few teal and a shoveler with the Mallards, Gadwall, Canada Geese and Coots.


Hornet said...

Well, it doesn't do much for your year list, but Thaxted is a lovely little place. Siskin are always a good find for me too - lovely little things.

Pete said...

ah well. i can never understand the point of rushing to see something just because the years changed!!

and yes thaxted is lovely. property prices reflect that though!

oldcrow61 said...

You've started off the new year beautifully. Wonderful shots Pete.

Tricia said...

Some lovely pics - like the Mallards on ice and the Grebe.

Colourful inside to the church especially the eagle lectern.