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Wednesday, January 06, 2010

More of the white stuff

I woke at about 4:50 this morning, don't ask!! I looked out of the window and there was an inch and a half of snow. Anyhow I set off a bit earlier this morning and was in the office by 6:40.

It has snowed throughout the day and I reckon we've had another 4 inches, maybe more. When you see some places have a foot of snow.....!!

The roads were very sloshy and so will probably be icy tomorrow. Luckily? I have a mass of reports to read so I don't need to travel!

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St Jude said...

During my journey to work yesterday morning six inches of the white stuff fell, it took my three hours in a 4x4 to get there. then overnight another two inches and more today, they've forcast more overnight so tommorow's commute should be fun. Unfortunately the morally challenged don't stop play for the snow so I have to get in.