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Thursday, January 07, 2010

The Laptop

No signs of a thaw down sahf. It hasn't snowed much today just a few flurries.

A few weeks ago my laptop died. I think it must have picked up a virus, McAfee said it had detected and isolated a trojan and I thought nothing of it. Then one day it just crashed and since then it got progessively worse until it died.

Now I am sure certain people expected me to buy a new one but I tried restarting it from the disks and this was partially successful. Anyway a colleague has fully fixed it well 99.9%!! Another colleague has given me a new modem which means the internet is a tadge faster.

I've ditched McAfee and installed Vipre virus software and the Sunbelt firewall (which is what is on the netbook). It gets good reviews and is light. I've also stuck Firefox and Chrome on it. I like Chrome as it is generally less resource hungry.


Bob Bushell said...

My daughter has a laptop, and just like you, her's got attacked by trojans. She was using McAfee, which in a moment of free anti virus software. I guess its what she wanted.

Anonymous said...

I had McAfee, and it alerted me of an Artemis Trojan... this despite my never surfing or downloading emails to the laptop... though I suppose it's what you open that can bring a Trojan.

It was Apophysis it was complaining about... this is a fairly well known 'false positive'. Artemis looks for possible viruses rather than known ones.

I ditched McAfee and switched to PC Tools. All was quiet till one day it crashed horribly, but that seemed to be a corrupted hard drive. Toshiba repaired it in one week as it was still under guarantee!

I was going to put AVG Free on the laptop but I downloaded it for a friend's laptop here in my house, and it seems that we can only have one copy of it on one machine. I got a feeling it wouldn't distinguish between mine and hers... it would see it as the same copy on two different machines?