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Sunday, January 03, 2010

Getting the year list moving

My central heating comes on briefly of a morning (to get the chill off as i'm preparing for work). As today's Sunday @ 6:30 (don't ask) I nipped downstairs to turn it back on and make myself a cuppa, an hour later I was laying in bed and thought that it felt nippy out there - DOH! some idiot made the tea but left the heating off!!

Around 9 I wandered off to Amwell. Boy it was a little nippy and the main lake had a lot of ice on it with the Lapwing standing on the ice!

The drake Smew (a really lovely little duck) was way over the other side but the female and a pair of Goldeneye were showy and there were a few snipe in the reeds.

Off to the feeding station. Reed buntings were joining the Tits.

There was a big flock of Siskin in the woods and I was pleased to find a few Lesser Redpoll.

As I was leaving a Sparrowhawk flew over the train line.

on to Rye Meads which was very frozen over. Still a few Bullfinch about and the one lake with any water had a Little Grebe. And I wasn't moaning when a Kingfisher flew in front of Tern hide!

A Buzzard was soaring as I left. A nice spot of local birding.


Mary said...

Buzzards are always good. Happy New Year, Pete! Stay warm. We're trying over here.

Anonymous said...

Great photo's Pete, sounds like you enjoyed it, even in the cold.
Happy new year too you.


Neil said...

Nice photos :)

oldcrow61 said...

Lovely photos Pete.