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Saturday, December 19, 2009

The Emperor's new Clothes

I really should be outside taking photos shouldn't I ? But it's icey and flipping freezing cold so I'm going to have a very lazy day instead.

The sixties gets a good press... The Beatles, the mini-skirt, The Rolling Stones, Twiggy oh and we won the World Cup.

Interestingly I was watching a programme on telly yesterday which claims that the sixties was an awful decade.

It claimed a number of modern societies ills could be traced back. The architecture was naff with modernism leading to massive sky scrapers which broke down communities and destroyed spirit. We bought in to the have it now pay for it tomorrow culture. The sixties saw a break down of moral standards, the sixties saw the growth of satire but this was pointed satire but just an attack on anything and this led to todays totally cynical culture.

The sixties are claimed to have helped liberate women. Did they? Did the pill free women sexually? Don't get me wrong i have no objection to the pill and sex outside of marriage but without a moral compass ? Then I wonder.

People say if you remember the sixties you weren't there but I suspect most people never took part. The "sixties" took place to certain people in a few treny locations - at least here in the UK.

Were the sixties great? Probably no better or worse than any other. What makes people think they are great to me is just an over reaction to the austerity of the fifties.


holdingmoments said...

Nice one Pete.
I, erm, lived, and survived the '60's, and had a great time. The biggest thing for me was the music, and everything it encompassed.
If I could only go back......

oldcrow61 said...

Points to ponder for sure.

ST said...

i'm an 80's boy born in the sixties.
The people who enjoyed the sixties will have been born in the forties -get my drift.