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Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Ringing Myself.

I had just got home from Dad's last night when my mobile went off.

I looked at the number and it was me!! Or infact my work mobile!! My hand went to my belt and no work mobile!!! I answered and a voice said "who is this?". I explained who I was and that they had my work mobile. I somehow managed to lose it over Hatfield Forest yesterday so I need to go to the estate office late this afternoon.

They had already spoken to a colleague of mine (last person I had rang) who had sent me an email to tell me.

It was kind of some soul to hand it in.


Eagleseagles said...

See there are some good people in the world still!

We really shouldn't be surprised as we would go the same but we have become a bit cynical I think!

Wish this rain would stop -I wanted to go and see the Brown Shrikeagain this morning to try for a better good in this light!
Will get wet when I walk Zeta anyway- later on.

BTW I added you and Tricia again to my links - dont know where they went, just realised was adding Hugh Harrop and Shetland Wildlife and actually looked at it properly.


Jan said...

Not quite in the same league, but I've been known to have to ring my mobile from my landline to find out where I've left it indoors.... won't be long now lol.

holdingmoments said...

Now there's honesty for you!
Restores a little faith in 'people', when something like that happens.

Tricia said...

Nice to have a happy ending. Rather restores one's faith in human nature :)

St Jude said...

Very kind and rather lucky. I once found a phone on a golf course, I figured as it was laying in the open it had only just been lost, so I scrolled through the numbers and found one that said Dad, I dialled and a chap answered. I was trying to explain that I had just found the phone, when I was interupted by a string of expletive and someone saying that the cheeky beggar who had stolen the phone was actually calling!!! The phone went dead. I called again and this time rather loudly and forcefully announced that I had found the phone. They waited in the car park and when I handed it back to them, they never thanked me and simply drove off. Some people don't deserve nice things to happen to them.

oldcrow61 said...

Very nice of somebody to hand it in. Restores a bit of faith in humanity.