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Wednesday, November 04, 2009

being waited on

Well I had a lovely evening last night.

Jan was up and cooked for me. I supplied the wine and music!!

We had scallops with a burnt butter sauce - divine!!

then steak with potatos and a leek and butter bean conncoction. all very nice, your food critic suggests a cheese sauce with the leeks. The potatos were superb!! No room for dessert. I've promised Jan next time I'll take her out for dinner!


avalon said...

Glad you enjoyed the meal, wine was lovely thankyou for a nice relaxing evening. Keeping you to a trip to the Starr next time. Thanks also for the lift x

Tricia said...

Sounds a very yummy meal; not surprised you had no room for pud :)

Eagleseagles said...

The Starr - now there is a delight in waiting!


oldcrow61 said...

What a lovely evening you had. Jan sounds like quite a woman. I'm glad to hear that you're taking her out next time.