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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Tidy up please

A duck was pulled from a canal in Lancashire after floundering in water. The duck had a pair of plastic glasses wrapped around its neck.

It's thought that the duck got caught up after coming across piles of litter by the Leeds Liverpool canal in Accrington.

RSPCA Animal welfare officers rescued the duck using a boat and specialist nets. A vet then treated the duck for cuts to its beak and gave it antibiotics.

The duck is now in the care of a private "boarding establishment" and is due to be re-released locally in the coming weeks.

RSPCA inspector Mandi Barr said:

It was really sad to see this duck struggling and just shows the devastating effect litter can have on wildlife.

Thankfully we were able to rescue him quickly, but, had we not been alerted to his plight, the outcome could have been much more tragic.

The danger all these things pose to wildlife is substantial, even proving fatal in some cases, and the risk can be prevented by people taking responsibility for their litter.

There are still far too many animals and birds suffering as a result of litter.

Every animal trapped or injured because someone couldn't be bothered to dispose of their rubbish properly is one more than it should be.

Hard to disagree with the last point.


Tricia said...

Makes my blood boil to read of incidents such as this - and it's too common place these days. Why can't people dispose of their rubbish in a responsible and grown up way!!

Yoke, said...

Your blood, and mine, Tricia!

And it is just not necessary to leave it floating or lying around. Will we ever be able to change this mentality in certain peeps on this planet?
To be honest, I have to say, I doubt it very much; simply cause our wildlife doesn't have as long as it would take for this to happen.

Well pointed out, Pete, by posting this!

ShySongbird said...

You could have one of my rants here Pete! But I will try to confine myself to saying that dropping litter of any sort figures boldly on my list of 'things which make my blood boil'. Why do people do it? Not only is it an eyesore it is b....y dangerous to wildlife. I know what I would like to do with those cups if I found the perpetrator even though I'm a LAYDEEEY!!!

Anonymous said...

How sad that these people have so little pride in the place they live that they choose to spoil it for every other living being.

'Selfishness' is much too mild a word for it.

Dorothea said...

Whatever rage, grief and ranting we can muster will never match the enormity of the harm that humans are wreaking on our environment.

Even worse things are happening at sea.

Time for people to change before "don't care is made to care"