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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Sunday after the clocks go back.

The clocks went back last night and as the sun was shining I should have headed out but I turned over and pulled up the duvet.

I did wander to Rye Meads after lunch. Nice to see a Green Sandpiper and had lovely views of a Snipe.

"Oi I'm not posing!"

Oh alright then!


Tricia said...

Nice shots of the Little Grebe - they dive so quickly!!

holdingmoments said...

I'd like to get back there sometime. I went last year in May, and had a great time.
Good shots of the Little Grebe.

The Watcher said...

Great photographic shots.

Yoke, said...

You had a nice time, Pete.

Like the others, I too want to comment on your great shots of the.. Litlle Grebe, of course.

Mind you, Love the Mallards too; they are one of my favourite Birds.