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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

An appropriate pet?

Ok so they are seriously cute but should we be keeping Eygptian Pygmy Hedgehogs as pets?

Click on the link to go ah!


Liz said...

They are indeed really cute, but from what I hear are actually really rather poor pets... But as with all exotics, people go nuts for them and then realise they're not really suitable, certainly not for children.

(I do move in exotic circles, and have known people to keep them, don't worry I won't be getting a Tiger any time soon!)

avalon said...

They certainly have got the ah factor. But there will always be something else that is the next must have pet. Why do people do this then find they can't keep them!! Angry!! Will stick to penny or adopt a lonely black sheep or an ugly duckling from facebook ha ha

oldcrow61 said...

I have a bit of a problem with creatures taken from the wild and sold as pets. They are very cute.

Tricia said...

Yes - they're cute and no - they shouldn't be kept as pets. The should be in the wild in their native country!!

ShySongbird said...

Not a good idea at all! It reminds me of the ridiculous Ninja Turtle craze some years ago and look at how that turned out! Why on earth don't people think before they buy animals which they ultimately have no idea how to care for!!