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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Its that time again.

I'm sure you will understand that I am DESPERATELY in need of a holiday. No laughing at the back, it is the last one for 6 months.

I'm off to South Molton (North Devon)for 4 nights.

Places that I am get to are:
Tapeley Park
Arlington Court
Knightshayes Court
Killerton House
Royal Horticultural Society Rosemoor

Actually I may not get to all of them, and I'll try and get to the places you've not seen.

Oh and there are 5 churches on the list.


St Jude said...

Have a lovely time and don't forget to write. Ooh and make sure there is milk in the fridge for when you get home so you can have a nice cuppa.

Tricia said...

Well if you could manage RHS Rosemoor and Tapeley Park - I've not been to either :D

Have fun!!

Anonymous said...

Oh my! How will you manage 6 months without a holiday!!

holdingmoments said...

We should be in for some good weather then ;)

ShySongbird said...

Another one, surely not?!!!

Clovelly is lovely, quite steep if I recall. Arlington Court is nice too, well it was years ago! Have fun ;)