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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Monday - not as wet as I expected.

With the exception of one sharp shower it stayed dry which is good.

I went to the cathedral of St Asaph first, if you stuck St Asaph in England it would be dismissed as just another largish parish church. That is not to say it doesn't have charm. I was able to walk around with no one else there and there are few signs of commercialism, a small book stall and a help yourself refectory (in England these are almost restaurants!).

a quick detour to St Marcellas Denbeigh

before zipping along the A55. you soon are confronted by St Margaret's, Bodelwyddan. Whereas no one was at St Asaph here there was a coach party and people oohing and aahing at how lovely it was. It is lovely and it is known as the marble church but it knows its lovely and its a bit of a cash cow. There was more to buy here than at St Asaph, to be fair churches cost a lot to maintain and you can hardly blame the locals for taking advantage.

As you enter there are signs saying no flash photography, which is a challenge in a church. I just turned up the ISO and snapped away.

The A55 separates church from castle. The castle is home to part of the national portrait gallery and there is a warners just for adults hotel attached. For all that the gardens look like they are need of some TLC.

My map listed bird hide, I only had the 70-300 but off I wandered. I expected little but was rewarded with a hide overlooking a well stocked feeding station. Ok I saw little rare but any day you get posing Marsh Tit can't be bad (mutters should have brought the big lens).

until tomorrow.....


oldcrow61 said...

That Marsh Tit is so much like our Chick a Dee. I know, I know, you've told me before. I never really gave churches much thought before I started seeing them through your photography. So much beauty inside. That statue of Jesus is kind of weird isn't it! Great stuff!

Tricia said...

Nice to get the Marsh Tit.

I'm in agreement with OC about the Jesus "skeleton" being rather weird!