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Friday, August 14, 2009

A Herefordshire Tour

So where to today?

I headed to Hereford, thoughts of Boo sprung again as I saw a sign for the crem and then realised that the pub on the otherside of the road was where the wake was. If you had asked me I could never have found it!!

Anyway some street shots!

So lets go for a tour around the Cathedral. Parts were closed because they were rehearsing for the three choirs concert, was very atmospheric to listen to as I walked around.

And so on to the historic market town of Ledbury. The church is very fine but I've been in before.

I've been to St Barholomew's, Much Marcle before but I wanted to show you the Blance Mortimer tomb and the wonderful yew tree.

And finally Brobury House Gardens.

whoops may have overdone the photos today ;)


Jan said...

"whoops may have overdone the photos today ;) "

Nah! As if..... :p

Anyways, it looks a great place, handy getting the Town Crier to pose for you. Cathedral is magnificent. I've never been up that way but looks like its something to do in the future. At least it wasn't raining all day then - don't ask....

ShySongbird said...

Just caught up with all the holiday pics, there are some lovely ones, it looks like you have had a great time. I went to Hereford Cathedral years ago, can't remember much except it was beautiful and there was some lovely choral singing. I don't remember the stained glass but it looks really beautiful in your photos.

Yoke, said...

Lovely post, Pete. And the photos are great.

Would not mind musing inside the tree. At least it is large enough to take me and wheels.

oldcrow61 said...

That tree trunk is magnificent. Fabulous tombs as well. All great stuff Pete.

Janine said...

Great photos Pete. The red and green stained glass windows are unusual, remind me of William Blake illustrations. Like what you did with the B&W.