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Friday, August 21, 2009

Fish survives being flushed down the toilet

I am FINALLY up to date with everyones blogs. Just because I didn't leave a comment doesn't mean I didn't read it.

Anyway this story caught my eye.

Sewerage worker Jake Huey notice a fish flailing on a mesh filtering screen when he was cleaning at the Scottish Water site near East Kilbride, South Lanarkshire. He rushed the coldfish to an emergency fresh water tank.

The fish, nicknamed Pooh, is being looked after at the Philipshill Waste Water Treatment Works until a new home can be found for it.

Mr Huey said:
Obviously someone thought their pet was on its last legs and flushed it down the toilet, which obviously we wouldn't advise.

The fish has rallied as it made its way through the waste water network underneath the streets of East Kilbride and popped up in our screens totally revived.

This is one lucky little fish. We just need to find a good home for him now.


Jan said...

That really annoys me, lots of people seem to flush their "dead" fish down the loo. This poor thing obviously wasn't even dead. What the hell is up with people!

ShySongbird said...

What else would it be called!

Anonymous said...

This is exactly how the sewers of New York City got infested with big alligators in the 1950's. Pet shops sold baby alligators then and people brought them back from Florida as souveneirs. People also bought baby chicks at Eastertime for their children and baby rabbits back in the olden days. So you might say that New YOrkers are more humane now that there are laws against doing that kind of stuff now.