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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Back in civilization - well sort of !!

The journey was slow, when you are muttering about merc's doing 30 in a 40 zone....

My mobile is not working here, seems that Vodafone are "down" here and I can't get the wifi in my room.

But here I am sitting here hear just having finished a delicious guinea fowl and i'm awaiting my bread and butter pudding with honey and rum.... the things I do for you lot.

Some of you may remember that I was meeting Boo on my last visit here but alas before that happened she passed away. I did visit Hampton Court Garden (where we had arranged to meet) and it peed down but I dutifully looked around getting soaked (and
I imagine Boo laughed here head off at me or her cloud!).

Today was a revisit and she was kind and let the sun shine down.

Then onto the Weir Garden looking for Dragonflies of which there were few, hey ho.

Annoyingly I couldn't get the book I wanted in Hay, so I'll try Hereford tomorrow.


oldcrow61 said...

"i'm awaiting my bread and butter pudding with honey and rum.... the things I do for you lot." Yeah, I can tell your putting yourself through a lot for us, lol.
What a lovely place, the flowers and flutters are marvelous.

Anonymous said...

Crikey, you've certainly sprung back into life with all these posts! I reckon it's sometimes quite nice to get away from the modern gadgets and just chill out with a book. I had to do that quite regularly when I was with the 3 network!!

You're getting to some nice places and taking some nice pics.

Tricia said...

See you managed another shot of a bee with a fly approaching Lol

Jan said...

I was only thinking of Boo the other day, I still have a postcard she sent me from holiday a couple of years back and it was in the rack when I was looking for something else. It still is, I will never throw it away.

Most of Wales seems to be useless for any other network than Orange sadly, I changed last year cos Voda was no good even at Alan's and thats a populated area!

Pete said...

never had a prob with voda normally Jan. Orange didn't work in Gwitherin!!

digi - why thanks

trish - tee hee

oc - the things I do eh.

avalon said...

Sorry just catching up with your many posts! What a beautiful place. And you did Boo proud at letting us see one of her favourite places. Some people affect you so much even if i did not get to meet her, she sounded a lovely lady. Well done ((pete))