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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Heading for the Welsh coast

Well the weather changed a bit!

Anyway I was heading to Aberystwyth when I spotted a sign to a village and thought hang on Jan lives there so I popped in unannounced, hope that was ok. Cheers for the coffee, it was amazing just how close the birds get to her kitchen window!!!!

It was lovely to see little Emma looking so well!

From thequacksoflife photos

Jan suggested Aberareon as a nice place to visit so I changed my plans and headed off.

but first I stopped at

St Gwenog, Llanwenog

Aberareon is a very old fashioned sea side town and quite unspoilt. Very picturesque alas I was there on a grey cloudy damp day.

There was a National Trust property 5 miles away so...

Llanerchereon is not a grand house but its one of those interesting houses the trust does well. Its a gentleman's villa, a place you could imagine living and lots of the servants arears, meat room, kitchen, laundry etc are open.

The lake had a family of Little Grebes (they were hiding from the camera alas) oh and a Red Kite overhead (loads of Buzzards sat on telegraph polls btw)

The observant amongst you will have noticed a church in the last photo so I strolled down.

I wandered into the NT tea room for a cup of tea and a slice of ginger cake. As I finished it was 3:10 and it was raining hard so I strolled to the car and wended my way home. Curiously despite the weather I had a rather nice day.

Oh and I have read all my work emails. Yes that is sad.

So lamb, beef, cod or salmon tonight? decisions decisions. The bread and butter pudding was good last nigh btw.


Eagleseagles said...

Looks quite picturesque even on a dull day! Thats not one of the places I have been too so will add to my list next time I am in W.Wales!

You seem to have had a great time on your holls...really like the photo in b and w of the lighthouse the other day!


Pete said...

C - I love holidays! been a good week so far. just pottering about.

got your footy team ready for another thrashing? :D

Jan said...
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Tricia said...

Sounds like another good day of visits.

Llanerchereon looks nicely informal and relaxed; how good it must be to see Kites and Buzzards all the time!

Shame about your weather; just had torrential rain here in a thunder storm.

Now I wonder what you settled on for your meal........

Anonymous said...

WOW to all the garden photos. especially those herbaceous borders!!!!!!!! Please dont do black and white on the garden photos anymore. what is the gardener working on I wonder? and that incredible tree with the incredible root system fenced in by dainty boxwood!!!! Do you know what kind of tree it is? Interesting how the grand houses have absolutely no foundation plantings.


Anonymous said...

The scarecrow looks quite elegant. is that moss on the branches of the tree?