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Friday, July 17, 2009

A seaside town, some churches and a Garden.

Another grey, cloudy, damp day.

I went to the town of Tenby and its fine church of St Mary

a stroll around and some views.

Tenby is a typical seaside town, a bit scruffy and ragged around the edges but with a certain charm.

On my way to my next port of call I stopped at

St Margaret, Eglwys Gymwn

So I arrived at the National Botanic Gardne of Wales. I'll let you into a secret I'm not a big fan of Botanic Gardens, they "feel" more like museums than gardens.

The great glass house looks impressive but I'd rather more colour than there was.

Of course I was more interested by the family of Sparrows that had taken up residence!

They can get out but I reckon they've found a good home.

The walled garden was the nicest part i felt.

couldn't resist this Turquis :D

We'll finish with this chap.


oldcrow61 said...

The first church has some lovely stained glass and the skeleton is pretty neat, lol. The gardens are wonderful.

Anonymous said...

Your black and white shot was VERY EFFECTIVE. It looks silvery. Worth printing. The gardens yesterday were really incredible. Today's are nice indeed but yesterday's were enviable. The plants chosen to be in the glass house dont look any different than the plants outside the glass house. Are they I wonder?


Tricia said...

Amazing tomb (6th picture down) at St Marys - very colourful.

Tenby looks "quaint" but the island looks interesting - some sort of sea defence building?

Those sparrows definitely have the AW factors :)

Janine said...

Sometimes the lack of bright colors forces you to concentrate on texture, which you captured quite well. #19 looks like a south african protea flower, I see them a lot in faux flower arrangements, have never seen a real one.