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Friday, July 10, 2009

The Children of Earth

I am not really a Doctor Who or Torchwood fan. I watch the former when its on but have hardly ever watched the later.

Now if you live in the UK you can't really have missed that Torchwood has been shown at 9pm on BBC1 every night this week. The trailers looked good so on Monday I put my feet up and watched.

My verdict? well I've watched all four and am counting the hours until the climax tonight.

Synopsis? Torchwood is broadcast over 5 days and each part seems to represent one day. Suddenly all the worlds children "switch off" and start chanting "We are coming" then they act as if nothing is happening.

The children "switch off" a few times and it seems that the time the children "switch off" is correlated to have maximum impact in the UK, why?

We learn that an Alien Race, known only as the 456 are coming, we also learn that they have before in 1965. What did they want then and npw? The British Government tries to kill everyone who knew what happened in 1965, sidelines UNIT and tries to "take out" Torchwood - the Government are scared and are desperate.

Well we now know what they wanted in 1965 and what happened and what they want now (no spoilers). All I can is that the past 4 nights have been the best drama on telly in flipping yonks.

Tonight we find out the resoution, we will the Aliens get what they want? will the Earth fight back? And will a certain Doctor make an appearance.

13hours to go!!!


oldcrow61 said...

You make this series sound so good I'm wondering if we'll get it here.

Anonymous said...

Youre so lucky. What we get here in Philadelphia is MI-5
In the third-season opener, Tom is a fugitive. The videography is great but its not interesting at all.

Pete said...

will be on BBC America I believe

Tricia said...

First time I've watched Torchwood - all episodes. The acting's excellent and the storyline has me on the edge of my seat. And, as you say, some of the best TV for a long time.

I shall be waiting to see how it all ends... impossible to second guess this one!