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Sunday, July 05, 2009

bits and pieces

Fairly normal Sunday, spent the morning around Dad's and after dinner I went to Rye Meads.

At Draper Hide there were 7 Green Sandpipers. One looked significantly bigger than the rest and I tried to make it a Greenshank but it wasn't, a chap tried to make another a Wood Sandpiper (it was a juvenile Green Sandpiper).

Good news is that a pair of Kingfishers were seen breeding yesterday and are said to be showing well, not to me they weren't.

Some pics

and for Turquis this is a "McIntyre"


Tricia said...

Like the poppy picture with the fast approaching bee :)

I also like Mcintyre - although he does get a tad frenetic at times :)

Pete said...

the poppy, superb composition eh.

uh well actually i didn't realise the bee was there until i downloaded it!

Anonymous said...

You're lucky; I was trying to get bees in the garden, but they moved too briskly. So I did the 'focus on a flower and wait' thing, and they avoided that one. :-)

I got a few later, and there's something about the speed the camera was set at that made their wings like little fans. They still weren't good shots, but... fascinating.

Anonymous said...

Just sent an email; hope you still have your Gmail address?

Pete said...


ShySongbird said...

Lovely photos, I keep trying to get a decent bee in flight, comes to something when you get one without knowing!! A Kingfisher two days running would have been just a teeny weeny bit greedy I think...;)