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Monday, June 29, 2009

Tweets anyone?

Will someone please explain to me the beauty of twitter?

Oh I can see it is useful if you need to get a message out to the rest of the world but on a regular basis but for most of us?

Wouldn't the tweets be inane?

My tweets would be something along the lines of.

Pete has just got up.

Pete is wondering if anyone has cut the price of the Olympus E-P1 by £300

Pete is trying to justify not getting something out of the freezer but popping into Tesco for a pizza or other ready meal

Pete is reading the Triumph of Caesar by Steven Saylor.

Pete has less than 2 weeks until he goes to wales.

Pete reckons the general public ought to listen to Nick Robinson's programme Moats, Mortgages and Mayhem. ACTUALLY YOU REALLY SHOULD IT WAS RATHER GOOD.

Pete is sitting in an office without air conditioning and hopes the pension is worth it.

would any of this be of interest?

Can you update via mobile?

thought I'd ask.

I'm fed up with facebook! The only joy it gives me is when Trisha scores a 125 word and loses :D


Kate said...

Yes, you can update by mobile either from or or by text.

All that would be tweetworthy. I actually like knowing what people are having for their tea, but I'm a bit weird lol Subjects like cameras and books often attract conversations. The character limit can be a bit tricky at first, but you soon get used to it.

I've met some great people there and been offered a job. And it's the first place I go if I have a question, better than Google because you get a response from a real person.

Anonymous said...

Hi :)
I found this Blog via Twitter from a Tweet by someone I follow.
I have discovered terrific new authors & amazing new books via Twitter.
I have received great advice, encouragement & knowledge via Twitterers.
I have made friends with interesting people around the world with Twitter.
I am aware of current events before the mainstream media reports said events via Twitter.
I am able to quickly find relevant blogs, articles, news, sites, etc via Tweets in Twitter - this Blog, for example.
I am able to have meaningful conversations with people via Twitter.
I am able to communicate in real time around the world via Twitter.
I can have conversations with people at our own pace, even if our responses to each other are days apart or just minutes.
I would highly recommend Twitter to anyone.

zIggI said...

ha ha ha ha has mp3 converted you then?? No didn't think so!

holdingmoments said...

Hmmm, not too sure about all this.
Facebook passed me by, and twittering is doing the same at the moment. Maybe I'm missing something about it all, apart from not enough hours in the day as it is.
Good luck with it all though Pete.

Pete said...

i'm on facebook but only use it to play scrabble.

Kate said...

Zlggl - actually, mp3 is a very nice chap!

Pete said...

can't find him on twitter

Kate said...

He's Rob Charron Add him, he's a lovely chap!

Pete said...

ah got him

Kate said...

See, he is a real person lol I'm not in the habit of befriending bots

Tricia said...

Ta for the public proclamation of my defeat at Scrabble Pete :)

Anonymous said...

I would find those Pete Tweets pleasant. :-) But I'm not a Tweeter/Twitterer... mostly I'm afraid of getting sucked into something new. I've ignored the wallpaper sites for long enough as it is; I would hate to set up as a Tweeter, collect a large following (ha!) and then forget to tweet...

Now you've got me wondering what I would tweet myself.

Diddums has a headache.

Diddums tripped over Jolly the Trolley in the cubbyhole.

Diddums is reading a huge book about Cleopatra and hasn't got fed up yet.