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Friday, June 12, 2009

Being Cooked for

Jan came to visit last night. Jan did the important bit, cook food! and I supplied the wine and put CD's in the CD player. Oh I washed up!

Scallops, Chilli, Corriander cooked in burnt butter - mmmmm scallops
Chicken cooked in Black Pepper, lemon and parsley with Dauphinoise Potatos
Strawberries and cream

All very very nice!

Wine was Flint Valley from Denbies in Surrey, a nice wine which scores a solid *** and Arkadian Bachuus 2006 from the Bow in the Clouds vinyard near Malmesbury Wiltshire another enjoyable ***. Jan preferred the Bachuus.

Hey Jan I just twigged I never got the Bachuus from the English Wine centre!! I got it from the National Trust Shop at Stourhead!!

I've told Jan that if she can get here for a Saturday I'll get her Mussels (I think I may have to drive her up to Norfolk to eat them though!!).


oldcrow61 said...

Tut, that woman is going to have you spoiled rotten. lol, Sounds like you had a great evening.

avalon said...

Thankyou for a great evening, nice just to chill out in great company. Sounded like you loved dinner anyway!! Scallops were superb i thought. English wine has come forward so much in the last 10 years or so, both tasted very good. Mussels next time!! Thanks again x