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Friday, May 22, 2009

Well you have to smile

Well the expenses scandal rumbles on. I must admit I am slightly concerned by how many MPs, from all sides, find filling a form in so difficult.

"ah yes I know my mortgage finished 2 years ago, it was an adminstrative mistake" (which happened for 23 months) so that's alright then. I wonder if people claiming benefits can make the same defense?

But one story is really priceless. Yes step forward Conservative MP Sir Peter Viggers.

Sir Peter didn't fill forms in wrong or keep switching his first and second homes to avoid capital gains tax. Oh no Sir Peter bought a floating Duck Island to protect the ducks on his pond and charged the £1,645 to expenses.

If you want more info, a picture of the island and a rather amusing cartoon

1 comment:

Yoke, said...

Love the cartoon. It's too close to the edge if it was to protect the Lady of the Manor on her brood.

But then of course, it is just a pond feature.
would be sad to see the Moat go from the no.1 spot. Mind, it is a worthy replacement.