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Saturday, May 16, 2009


So what to do today? I had visited all bar two of the Sussex Churches I wanted (one was locked the other just not convenient). I had visited all the places I really wanted to. I could go for a few Hampshire churches but quick research last night suggested I may not find many of the 6 unlocked so I went back to the WWT centre at Arundel.

Young Nene Goose?

Nene Goose (collection bird)


Eider (collection bird)

Garganey (collection bird) - a lovely duck, you can see them in the wild.

Mr & Mrs G

Young Coot

they make great parents. This one was giving a mallard what for.

Great Tit


Blue Tit

Juvenile Mugger


Young Blackbird sunning himself


Common Terns

Mute Swan

Canada Goose chicks

So where now? I went to Petworth.

Canada Geese chicks

Greylag chicks


Janine said...

I saw a gleam of mischief in the juvenile delinquent's eye. He will grow up to be a terror.
Do you ever print any of your photos?

Tricia said...

Another good day by the looks of it. It seems as though I was in the wrong county - no sun here today!

Goodly selection of subjects; great flight shots - particularly the terns!!

Really like the angle of the very last Greylag chic picture.

Pete said...

Hi Janine - not often. amusingly I don't own a printer

holdingmoments said...

Great selection of pictures Pete.
Never seen a Gargany before, one for my list.
The little 'mugger' looks full of mishief, and the island shot at Petworth looks stunning.

Little Brown Job said...

Cracking shots of the young mugger!

Anonymous said...

Another great set of photo's Pete.
The little 'Mugger' superb.
But too me the outstanding ones, are the Gull in flight, followed by the Terns, also to get the detail as you have of these inflight, well it's a credit to you.
ps. I think you Gull, is a 2nd winter Herring Gull.


ShySongbird said...

What amazing photos, all beautiful and like everyone else I loved the 'mugger'.

oldcrow61 said...

Wonderful photos Pete. I particularly like the young coot and little mugger...adorable. The flight pictures are fabulous. And the flowers...well, what can I say. I'm green with envy.

Mo said...

Love the goslings and their grumpy faces.