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Saturday, May 09, 2009

The Regency, Victoriana and a Priory.

Well here I am laying on a hotel bed. I've ordered food, the main is quail :D

I guess first impressions greatly impact our view of the place. My first impression was a dingy, urine smelling multi-story car park, not good eh.

That said I headed off to the Royal Pavillion. It was built for George Prince of Wales (later George IV), its odd isn't it.

I have to say its amazing inside especially the dining room and the music room (something will be winging its way over OC).

I then head for the first church of the trip

748, St Michael and All Angels, Brighton.

It was built by Bodley, his nave is now an aisle of a later addition by Burges. It doesn't look much from the outside even though Jenkins puts it in the top 100.

When I arrived, there was a guided tour going on which I was told I could join for a fee. I avoided it and started snapping, comments were made about photographic permits and not for publication. I put the obligatory £1 in the box.

I then went to

749, St Bartholomew's, Brighton.

Its in a much less salubrious part of town but the two ladies who greeted me were ever so friendly which tells you not to judge a book by its cover I guess.

Apparently its the tallest parish church in Europe. Its another Victorian church.

I headed on to Michelsham Priory. I had a lovely wander around the pretty grounds, read my book, enjoyed the sun and teased people about a chocolate cake ;)

Hermonscaux Castle was close to my hotel and as it was only 3pm. (after a detour to a shop selling British Wine - looks at bag by side of bed!).

Tomorrow will be less packed !!


oldcrow61 said...

You've done it again, wonderful shots of your holidays. Fabulous places you visit. Can't wait to see what's winging its way over, lol.

Anonymous said...

The 6th one down from the top has amazing perspective. and the first several are kind of amazing in that they look like they are shot in the Orient. it would be lovely if you could make one shot a day that has something about it like shot #6. not just perspective but something surprising. I think you are having a lovely time.

Pete said...

Hi Turquis.

as I say it's a weird building. it's like someone built an oriental palace in the middle of Brighton. It is the same throughout, well worth a visit.