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Thursday, May 07, 2009

online photo storage

I notice that I am up to 89% of my 1gb limit on Blogger. I can buy additional storage from blogger for $20 a year but I am a notorious tight wad.

I could just use my other google account and upload to that and copy a across. I've considered using the hotmail free storage but I can't get the photos in to the blog.

Does anyone have any experience of flickr and how much storage you get?

Anyone got any better ideas?


Little Brown Job said...

We've used Flickr for about 4 years, used to pay about a tenner a year but now it's free with BT-Yahoo isp. You'd have to check the current limits for free account, there was no storage limit but an upload limit a month I think and only last 200 images show on Flickr site but any post on your blog would stay as they are not deleted.

Anonymous said...

Well, Wordpress has 3GB limit on space. I'm still way off that amount, but you do post a lot more images than I do.

I have a flickr account, but you only get 100MB of photos upload per month, unless you have a pro account for $25 a year, as I have chosen to do, which then gives you unlimited uploads. This also allows you to sort your photos into sets or collections - with a free account you are limited to three sets.


Pete said...

100mb a month may be ok.

I'm tempted to just load to my other google account.

holdingmoments said...

Photobucket seems to have endless storage Pete, and it's free.

Anonymous said...

Yes, 100MB per month may be OK for you. And you don't have to arrange your photos in sets, so the pro account is not necessary.

Free account on Photobucket is still only 1GB.

Or move to Wordpress. Importing from Blogger works fine - at least it did for me.

Pete said...

i'm staying put. anyway it only works for 500 posts I think. I'm on 1501!!

Anonymous said...

What only works for 500 posts? I know of no post limit in Wordpress. Perhaps there is a limit on posts visible per page.

Pete said...

i think it'll only import 500 posts from blogger

Anonymous said...

Oh OK. Not sure about that.