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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

MP expenses

I've lost faith, yes I've lost faith but not as you might think with MP's but with radio 5.

It's been going on for a while now, the breakfast show long the home of Julian Worricker was given to Nicky "Watchdog" Campbell for instance, but the final moment was when Stephen Nolan went into his tabloid attack dog style Sunday night whipping up his audience. I turned over to Radio 4 who were DISCUSSING it rationally.

Of course I will still listen to bits of Radio 5, Simon Mayo is excellent and I'll listen to the football but for a general rule I'll be heading to Radio 4, the world service and Classic FM.

Oh and as a comment on MP's expenses oh come on. Wrong? yes of course it is but for goodness sake MP's are a reflection on us and how many of us wouldn't do the same thing?

I am not defending MP's just criticising the hysteria that is being whipped up.

Mr Fry says it more eloquently than me. Do listen, especially if you are a journalist.

1 comment:

holdingmoments said...

I seldom listen to the radio Pete, or buy newspapers. No tv either, so world events just seem to pass me by.
I'll give the clip a listen though.