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Friday, May 29, 2009


You will no doubt be falling on the floor in shock to read that your blogger is away on holiday. Yes yes yes I know I know it was only two weeks ago (the next one is not until mid-July).

I'm taking Dad to the Cotswolds. You'll see a lot of places you've seen a few times before (sorry), although some will be new to Dad. Surprisingly there are one or two places I've not been to I can show you.

I'll see if I can get the mobile broadband to work (I am not holding out much hopes, the village is in range BUT we're a few miles outside and apparently out of range).

And for the lovely digi's benefit I'm taking a laptop not a netbook.

Had my haircut this afertnoon and am currently around dads. Sad muppet I am I've just checked my work email via mobile broadband!!


ShySongbird said...

Well, well! Whenever I mention you to HLH (regarding comments or whatever) I always say, 'You know he's the one who's always on holiday ;) and now you're off again!!

Hope you have a wonderful time visiting all my lovely haunts.

oldcrow61 said...

I'm beginning to wonder if you work at all, lol. Hope you have a great holiday and will look forward to pictures.

avalon said...

Well you have done it again haven't you, brilliant sunshine AGAIN i am amazed how many times you choose the weeks that have good weather. Note to all of you just ask pete when he will be away then book the same time off! Have a great time hope dad has a lovely birthday as well on the 5th xx

holdingmoments said...

Have a great holiday Pete. I'm sure the weather will be perfect.

Pete said...


I think the "problem" is I try not to waste holidays and have lots and often.