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Monday, April 06, 2009

What to read?

What shall I talk about today then?

Hopefully my stress levels will reduced to just incredibly high as opposed to explosive and I can get back to reading.

TV adaptation of books are interesting things especially if you discover the book last. Lets take Midsommer Murders, there have been countless episodes on TV about DCI Tom Barnaby but there are a total of 7 books! The books are slightly different to the TV series. DS Troy is not a nice single young guy but a married homophobic.

They are very Christie in style but say brought up to date a bit. Worth seeking out I would say and I have just started the second and am enjoying it.

Speaking of Christie I've been reading a fair amount of these lately. Its interesting to spot the differences between the books and the adapations. Miss Marple with Joan Hickson are excellently done and very faithful whereas the new lots with Geraldine Mckeowan are uhm not. The Poirot adaptions though good play a bit fast and lose, Japp, Miss Lemon and Capt Hastings feature much more on the telly than they do in the book.

A series I don't follow on TV is Sharpe, this is not to say its not good becuase it is. Its one of those things I never sit down to watch but if its on I'll watch and know that I'll get a good couple of hours of solid entertainment. I have read prescisely one of the novels, there is nothing to be read into that the book was very similar in concept to the TV series a good entertaining read. Not exactly great literature but good fun nonetheless.

When I went to Leeds Castle the other week I got to listen to an adaptation of Patricia Highsmith "The Talented Mr Ripley" on Radio 4. She is a writer I'd never read but I did enjoy Hitchcock's film of Strangers on a Train so as I enjoyed Ripley as well I order Stangers on a Train from Amazon.

The idea is that two people meet for the first time on a train and one suggests the perfect murder. If A murders for B and B or A and the two never meet again.....

The book is different from thejavascript:void(0) film, slightly darker but both are classics of their ilk.

There are so many books to read and so little time. I'd like to reread some Clarke and Asimov but then there are the tons of new books I want to read ARGH!!

I have a few holidays coming up so I hope to get my backpile down a bit. I now have to decide what to take! Clothes aren't a problem (as long as I remember to pack pants etc!) but books are a right pain as I normally want to take 2-3 times as many as I can get through.

I must stop looking at Amazon!

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leazwell said...

I could go broke on 'em. Writing up a list now of books to order.