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Wednesday, April 22, 2009


I fell asleep about half 9 last night with the telly still on! Cor what a late nighter I am.

I through back the curtains and was greeted by blue skies, lovely.

I headed out and realised that I was very near a target church so

745 All Saints, Lullington

I then went on to the Courts. It’s a small National Trust garden but delightful. I’m sure plants man will tell me that it isn’t of the first order but I’ve been several times and I love it every time. I sat in the garden with the sun shining and read my book! A blackcap sung out, so relaxing.

A small pond by the entrance had some newts and my first Damsel of the year (I posted those pics mobiley the other day). The tea room is not national trust and is excellent.

After lunch I arrived at the Peto Garden at Iford Manor. The designer is Howard Peto who also designed the Garden of Easton Lodge, alas Easton was left to go to rack and ruin whereas Iford shows us what we have lost. It’s lovely and well worth a visit. Again I sat and read in peace with only a buzzing bee (pic posted a few days back).

I decided to head off and find my last church in the area I needed.

746 St Mary, St John and All Saints, Witham Friary.

Now this is odd, you wouldn’t expect the interior to look like it does based on the outside! It was part of the first Charterhouse to be established by Henry II in penance for the murder of Thomas Beckett.

Another lovely day.

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holdingmoments said...

Stunning pictures again Pete. Love those stained glass window shots.
The Courts look like the sort of place I could happily loose myself at for hours.