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Monday, April 20, 2009

Sun glorious sun

I am a sad muppet I've just checked my work email!!

Anyway I think someone up there must like me as the weather has been gorgeous. Pete to weather - can it be like this 365 days a year! please?

I went to Langford Lakes this morning. A bit quiet but a nice walk. Sedge Warblers, Blackcap , Willow Warbler and Chiffchaff giving voice and the there were 2 pairs of Grebes and one poor chap all alone on his lake!! Could be nice when the dragons are about.

I then went on to the picture postcard village of Lacock and its Abbey. I had a lovely time strolling around taking lots of pics and sitting reading my book! I was in t-shirt mode in the afternoon and had a lovely ice cream.

There was a chap walking around with a Nikon D3x only 5k for the body !! Not sure what his partner had as she didn't have the strap on but it was that class of body. Recession what recession

There are about 180 pics waiting to be loaded!!! Oh found another bottle of English Wine so purchased a bottle and will put in fridge for Jan.

I've published comments but I'll reply on my return.

Tomorrow I'll head in to Dorset. No birding I think. The really good birding spots are further south than I fancy driving. Just me, my book and some R&R. This is bliss!


Liz said...

Wonderful photos Pete, the weather has definitely been amazing recently!

holdingmoments said...

Sounds like you're having a wonderful time Pete, and the sun makes it so much more enjoyable.
Some great shots there too; love that first Blue Tit.

Tricia said...

Hmmmm - some pretty good pics there. Like the Blue Tit - with attitude!!

Sounds like a good break to me :D

Beki said...

No more checking work emails!

Enjoy your R&R!

avalon said...

Well you have done it again!! your first holiday of the year and you have brillint weather. How do you do it?!!! Looks like you are having a wonderful time great photos as always. Mmm can't wait to try the botlle of wine. Thanks again for last week!

Little Brown Job said...

Lovely images Pete, stay chilled and leave the work email alone!