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Wednesday, April 22, 2009


I left home in sunshine but it was dull when arrived at Salisbury.

It is often said that the works of man can not compare with nature but the Cathedral close at Salisbury is rather special. It contains Mompesson House (used in Sense & Sensibilty I think),

Edward Heath’s old house

Oh and this Cathedral. It’s gorgeous.

And Salisbury's excellent St Thomas parish church (already ticked !)

As I headed off to find the pub I’m staying in I saw the sign for Old Wardour Castle and as the sun had come out….

And the usual informative audio tour.

I confirmed my booking and went to Stourhead. Its sublime it really is, however many times I go I still gasp. Alas the lake seems to support few ducks, I’d expect there to be more. Still there was a coot on a nest and a pair of Grebes look like they may be nesting.

I had a rather yummy piece of cake in the tea room (and sent a pic of it to a few people – naughty or what!!).

As it was still a bit early I sought out

744 St Mary, Old Dilton with its unaltered Georgian Interior.

My room is very nice and I had a nice meal. The Coppleridge Inn is in the middle of the countryside and I stuck my Vodafone dongle in expecting nothing but it worked!! Too slow to post loads of pics but hey!


oldcrow61 said...

Gorgeous pictures Pete. What a great time you've had.

Anonymous said...

Shame you didn't make it to Old Sarum or to St Lawrences in Stratford Sub Castle. I love the cathedral close. When I was a student I actually had a top floor bedsittingroom in one of the houses overlooking the cathedral. Quite a strange place for a student to live, it had no sink, no heating but the most stunning views you have ever seen in your life. I used to walk around the close after they had shut the gates. It was like another world. I will never forget my time there.

Sounds like you had a great break. Glad you liked Wiltshire and Dorset so much... they are my favourite places. Jane

holdingmoments said...

I've got some catching up to do!
Stourhead looks a wonderful place, some brilliant pictures.

Pete said...

Jane, its a lovely part of the world and so unspoilt. The close must have been amazing to live in, one of the few parts of a city I'd want to live in